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Greetings, and welcome to the United Nations Spartan Corps. A Halo based online gaming community that represents honor, valor, and allegiance in helping fellow gamers improve their gaming skills through team work, communication, and strategy. With the determination to achieve victory at any cost. If you are interested in enlisting and have not registered, please do so! Afterwards, navigate yourself to our enlistment office and follow stated instructions. Please make sure you meet all Spartan Corps standard requirements (Foreign Navigation - Enlistment).

Thank you!
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 FAQ: How do I Recruit for the Clan?

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Col. Tom

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PostSubject: FAQ: How do I Recruit for the Clan?   19th September 2012, 9:10 pm

Recruiting for the clan is actually more simple that one may think. There are a few options. You can copy/paste the Recruitment Ad in a number of gaming forums on the Internet. The Bungie Classifieds and Halo Waypoint Recruitment Section are the most common. Remember, when sending someone a message asking to join, please be sincere and include important information.

When posting in the forums, we have a pre-made Recruitment post. Tweak it however you would like, and remember to edit in your Rank and NAME in the proper spots. The Recruitment Ad is below. Enjoy.

[quote]I: Introduction[/quote]

Hello, first of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this. I am [i][INSERT RANK][INSERT NAME][/i] and I am inviting you to join [url=]United Nations Spartan Corps.[/url] We have a lot to offer and would like you to join. If you arelooking to ally your clan with us, or request a clan match or scrimmage, please contact our leader, Tom B517.

[quote]II: Requirements[/quote]

To be eligible for Enlistment, you must meet the following requirements..
1. Be at least 15 years of age
2. Own a functioning Xbox One console and microphone
3. Own a copy of Halo Master Chief Collection
4. Have full access to an Xbox and computer

[quote]III: Enlistment Instructions[/quote]

To Enlist, please follow the instructions
1. Register on the website.
2. Read our [url=]UNSC Field Manual[/url]
3. Follow the instructions in the segment of the Field Manual titled "Enlistment"

[quote]IV: Professionalism and Organization[/quote]

At Spartan Corps, we are always professional and as organized as can be. For example, we have a clear cut ranking system, based off of the US Marines' ranking system, with slight modifications and adjustments. We also have a very detailed Field Manual, and disciplinary system, known as the UNSC Rede System. We are always courteous to everyone we meet, as well as each other.

[quote]V: What we have to offer[/quote]

[b]Strong Community[/b]- We always stick together, and usually play daily, so you will always have a chance to play with us. We usually have between 4 and 10 players on at all times, and schedule weekly game nights and have various custom games to have fun on. We are very active on our forums, and we only accept hard working and dedicated players.

Also, we offer training programs in which a player can improve specific skills, or a variety of skills. The instructor will do their best to teach everything they know. Spartan Corps also tries to book clan matches and scrimmages with other clans to gain a reputation with other communities.

Remember, if you wish to Enlist,[i][INSERT RANK][INSERT NAME][/i] was your Recruiter.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this!

UN Spartan Corps
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FAQ: How do I Recruit for the Clan?

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