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Greetings, and welcome to the United Nations Spartan Corps. A Halo based online gaming community that represents honor, valor, and allegiance in helping fellow gamers improve their gaming skills through team work, communication, and strategy. With the determination to achieve victory at any cost. If you are interested in enlisting and have not registered, please do so! Afterwards, navigate yourself to our enlistment office and follow stated instructions. Please make sure you meet all Spartan Corps standard requirements (Foreign Navigation - Enlistment).

Thank you!
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Proper Uniform

At UN Spartan Corps, we have a proper uniform that must be worn by all Accepted and Pending Personnel. We have a specific emblem that all personnel are required to wear at all times. When you wear our emblem, you are telling others "hey, I am a member of UN Spartan Corps." This emblem is going to become an icon one day, so every member wear it with pride.

I: Emblem Specifics
1.  Our emblem is the toggled Ruins icon, and the background is the Vertical rectangle. The background must be white for everyone, but squads will choose their colors for the ruins. The emblem is toggled, so the circle will not be showing in the background.
2.  The Emblem may not be distorted color-wise in any way. An example of our emblem is shown below.

There is no particular armor settings. All members may choose their armor for themselves.

II: Official Spartan Corps Tags
1.  We do have a clan tag. The Official Clan Tag is SC. The clan tag goes before the gamertag, followed by a space.
2.  If you wish to change your gamertag to include our clan tag, make sure you make a public announcement on the forums so there is no confusion.


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