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Greetings, and welcome to the United Nations Spartan Corps. A Halo based online gaming community that represents honor, valor, and allegiance in helping fellow gamers improve their gaming skills through team work, communication, and strategy. With the determination to achieve victory at any cost. If you are interested in enlisting and have not registered, please do so! Afterwards, navigate yourself to our enlistment office and follow stated instructions. Please make sure you meet all Spartan Corps standard requirements (Foreign Navigation - Enlistment).

Thank you!
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  • Sponsors are the first members that a Recruit will be acquainted with, and will be in charge of them until their Enlistment Process is complete. Sponsoring a Recruit is a decision made only by the Sponsor themselves. When a member of the Corps sponsors a Recruit, they take a vital risk. If the Recruit fails, so does the Sponsor. If the Recruit succeeds, the Sponsor is rewarded. As a Recruit, they are required to have a Sponsor. A Sponsor can be obtained in two ways. The Recruit may ask for a member of the Corps to sponsor them, or a member can volunteer to sponsor the Recruit.

Becoming a Sponsor

  • Before you may Sponsor a Recruit, you have a couple of tasks to complete and a requirement to meet. First, you must be a Private or above in rank, and been a member for at least one month. If you meet both of the requirements, then you must fill out a Sponsorship Form in the Sponsor forum and then create a thread with the title of the Recruits username, followed by - then your username in the Recruit Reports forum. In this post, you are to update it at least every two days with any updates in the Recruits progress through their Enlistment Process and include any strengths, weaknesses, or notes that you feel are valid. After that, you may become a Sponsor.

Duties as a Sponsor

  • Now that you have become a Sponsor, you are ready to offer your sponsorship to a Recruit. Once you have given your sponsorship to a Recruit, a few things are expected of you. You are first of all to make sure the Recruit is what the Corps is looking for, teach the Recruit the basic functions of the clan, and how everything works around here, and lastly, train them to be the best damn soldiers you can make them. This includes teaching them weapon spawns, strategies, and call-outs.

Sponsor Reminders

  • Sponsors are free to cancel their sponsorship to a Recruit at any time, but must provide a valid, and reasonable explanation that must be relayed to their Commanding Officer. Also, if a sponsorship is canceled, make sure to post in your thread that you are no longer sponsoring this Recruit to avoid confusion. Lastly, High Command does take note of the effort put in by a sponsor and takes it into consideration when promotions are being considered.

Sponsor Reward or Penalty

  • Your sponsorship is classified as a success if your sponsored Recruit makes it through the Enlistment Process. But, if your Recruit fails the Enlistment Process while you are their sponsor, your sponsorship is deemed a failure. If your sponsorship is a success, you are awarded 150 Credits. If your sponsorship is a failure, you are deducted 50 Credits


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